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  • Offshore, decarbonizing the supply chain, through Smart Processes

    Experience and ingenuity
    applied to marine operations

MGOperations is client focused

We thoroughly understand the Offshore Energy Environment scope and work with our clients in each step of operational the advancement journey.
Sustainable improvements
We consider decarbonization as an opportunity to improve marine operations, and believe in incremental gains across organization being key to sustainability improvements.
We combine multidisciplinary operational skills and experience with a solid commercial background.
We have the unique ability to assist our clients throughout the conception a project by implementation, activation until completion.
We provide skilled, innovation driven, operational and commercially minded consultants who are experienced in key areas of the energy and marine sector.

Decarbonizing the supply chain, through smart processes

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    MGOperations works with clients to identify areas of opportunity to implement improvements in marine logistics.
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    We are efficiency and excellence specialists in the arena of offshore activities specifically within the renewables sector.
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    Following an audit process, we provide clients with tools and strategies to reduce their carbon footprint, through the implementation of ‘smart’ processes and mindset change.


MGOperations acknowledges the need to preserve our planet
and will actively pursue the reduction of our clients impact on the climate and environment
by recognizing and actively supporting government initiatives.
We have set our objectives for contributing to these goals and will
continuously monitor and report our performance in line with these aims.